A beaver sits in water, surrounded by brush and weeds

From the Preface:

Throughout our history, wetlands have suffered at the hands of humans. Whether through indifference, exploitation, or misguided views, we have damaged or destroyed most of Washington’s wetlands. And even now — in spite of our new understanding of the ecological importance of wetlands — the degradation continues, and we are still losing hundreds of acres of wetlands a year. As the owner of a wetland, you have an opportunity to join in the protection of this important and threatened resource.

This guidebook describes how wetlands function, explains their significance in your local watershed and in the hydrologic cycle, and shows how human activities have come to threaten wetlands. This book offers protection, enhancement, and preservation options — things you can do for your wetland. It also explains the importance of your role as a wetland steward.

At Home with Wetlands, A Landowner’s Guide (for the Washington State Department of Ecology) [PDF 1.62 MB, opens in new tab]

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