A beaver sits in water, surrounded by brush and weeds

From the Executive Summary:

The Wetland Stewardship Partnership (WSP) is a group of organizations and government agencies committed to wetland conservation in BC. In this document, the WSP proposes a comprehensive Wetland Action Plan to be implemented cooperatively by governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to protect British Columbia’s remaining natural wetlands, and to restore important wetlands that have been severely damaged.

The WSP’s vision is that “BC becomes a province where the functions and values of wetlands and the larger watersheds of which they are a part are appreciated, conserved, and restored for present and future generations.” The plan recognizes the need to collaborate with all levels of government, other stakeholders, and all British Columbians to collectively address wetland habitat loss throughout the province. Opportunity exists to cooperate with ongoing conservation initiatives such as Living Water Smart, Biodiversity BC, the BC Climate Action Plan, and the BC Conservation Framework.

A Wetland Action Plan for British Columbia - 2010 [PDF 1.21 MB, opens in new tab]

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