From the Introduction:
"The Nova Scotia Wetland Conservation Policy provides direction and a framework for the conservation of wetlands. It supplements and provides context to legislation, regulations and operational policies designed to protect and to guide management of wetlands in Nova Scotia. It is a comprehensive policy for the provincial government to ensure that the benefits that wetlands provide are maintained for the people of Nova Scotia.

The policy highlights the important roles wetlands play in Nova Scotia’s landscapes and their value to society. It represents a commitment to managing Nova Scotia’s wetlands in a consistent manner and to maintaining a high level of wetland integrity for future generations, while allowing for sustainable economic development in our communities.

The Nova Scotia Wetland Conservation Policy identifies what legislation, regulations and policies are currently relevant to wetland conservation, clarifies the roles and responsibilities of government and the public in relation to wetlands and makes this information more accessible to Nova Scotians. Ultimately, the policy establishes a specific policy goal and objectives intended to prevent the net loss of Nova Scotia's valuable wetlands."

See the Policy [PDF].