From the Environmental Stewardship Division of BC Ministry of Environment.

From the Abstract:
"This document is written primarily for people who are planning some form of activity or development near wetlands, as well as those looking for guidance on ways to best maintain the high ecological values in these areas. A healthy natural environment is the foundation of British Columbia‘s (B.C.‘s) economy and quality of life. Wetlands are among the most biologically diverse, productive, and important life support systems on earth. They are integral to the functioning of many important ecosystems and life forms in B.C. They also provide people with a wide range of beneficial services, from flood control and water supply to recreational opportunities. Often, these services are unrecognized and undervalued, leading to the loss or impairment of wetlands—and thus the services they had provided are either costly or impossible to replace."

See the Guidelines (at the B.C. Ministry of Environment's Environmental Stewardship site).