Prepared by: Kristina Robbins, Ecosystems Biologist
Ministry of Environment (Okanagan Region)

From the Executive Summary:
"The first step in wetland protection and management is to identify features on the landscape. The focus of this inventory project was to build on current wetland mapping and to identify mapping knowledge gaps. It was a broader flagging inventory and did not include detailed wetland classification. New unmapped wetland features, specifically those within the habitat range of at-risk amphibians, were identified through an aerial-based GPS inventory. An averaged point location, photograph and basic attribute information, including type, ephemeral status, size, condition (below and above the high water mark) and surrounding land use was collected for approximately 600 wetland features. The study area was restricted to areas of high development pressure within the administrative boundaries of MoE Region 8 – Okanagan."

See the Report [PDF].