A beaver sits in water, surrounded by brush and weeds

Canada-British Columbia Okanagan Basin Agreement
Technical Supplement IX(A)
to the
Final Report
Fisheries and Sport Fish Potentials of the Okanagan Basin

From the Synopsis:
"The potentials of the Okanagan headwater lakes, the tributary streams, the main valley lakes and the Okanagan River are assessed in terms of the sustainable fish harvest they are capable of providing to various exploitation interests. These potentials are estimated according to various definitions, taking account (insofar as possible) various recruitment and productivity requirements and constraints. The analysis provides a basis for evaluating, in terms of fish harvesting capacities, the cost and effects of ameliorating these constraints. Present productivity of the fisheries is compared with potential productivity under both present and ameliorated conditions. This allows assessment of residual capacity of the various fisheries, under various broad management options, to meet fishery demands."

See the Report [30MB PDF] at EcoCat. Note: scanned copy of original document.

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