A beaver sits in water, surrounded by brush and weeds

A Biological Survey Of Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

By W.A. Clemens (Director, Pacific Biological Station), D.S. Rawson (University Saskatchewan) and J.L. McHugh (Pacific Biological Station)

From the Introduction:
"During Jukly and August, 1935, a study of the physical, chemical and biological features of Okanagan lake, British Columbia, was carried out by the writer in association with Dr. D.S. Rawson of the University Saskatchewan and Mr. J.L. McHughof the University of British Columbia, assisted by Mr. A. Clemens and Mr. C. Child. The investigation centred about the Kamloops trout, Salmo gairdneri kamloops, which is at present the only important "sport" fish in the lake.

At the time white settlers entered the Okanagan valley, about 1860, and during the years immediately following, trout are said to have been very abundant. In recent years, however, anglers have maintained that the stock of trout has been seriously diminishing and have pressed for more extensive fish-cultural operations as a means of improving the fishing. The investigation had for its objective, therefore, the determination of the conditions existing in the lake as a scientific basis for the possible development of a comprehensive fish-cultural program."

See the Survey [PDF]. Note: scanned copy of the original document.

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