A panoramic view of the Okanagan Valley with West Kelowna in the foreground and mountains in the background

Volume 1: Methods, Ecological Descriptions, Results and Management Recommendations

Kristi Iverson, Iverson & MacKenzie Biological Consulting Ltd.

From the Abstract:
"The Bella Vista – Goose Lake Range SEI was initiated in 2002 to provide inventory information on rare and fragile ecosystems that can be used for ecologically sustainable land use and development planning. The project area covers private land, Indian Reserve land, and a small area of crown land along the Bella Vista and Goose Lake Range west of the City of Vernon.  This technical report documents inventory methods and results, and provides management recommendations.

The project followed methods used in the Central Okanagan SEI; we used Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM) as a base to develop a Sensitive Ecosystems theme map. The inventory was compiled through aerial photograph interpretation and field survey work conducted in the summer of 2002."

See the report [PDF].

Vol 2: Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping, Soil Erosion and Slope Stability, and Expanded Legend

Kristi Iverson, Iverson & MacKenzie Biological Consulting Ltd.
Jen Shypitka, Private Consultant

From the Introduction:
"This report presents detailed information on ecosystems in the Bella Vista – Goose Lake Range of the North Okanagan. It is the second volume in a series of three volumes.

Volume 2, this report, provides detailed information on terrestrial ecosystem mapping (TEM) methods and gives descriptions of each of the ecosystems that occur within the sensitive ecosystems or other important ecosystems categories described in Volume 1.  Appendix B of Volume 1 provides tables that can be used to cross-reference between sensitive and other important ecosystems units and ecosystem mapping units in this report."

See the report [PDF].

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