A panoramic view of the Okanagan Valley with West Kelowna in the foreground and mountains in the background

A Technical Guide by the Wetland Trust

From the Wetland Trust's description of the Guide:
"The author reveals practices used to restore over 1,400 wetlands in 18 states and two Canadian provinces, answering questions asked by the thousands of professionals and landowners who have taken the hands-on wetland restoration workshops he instructs across North America

Clear, logical step-by-step instructions explain how to design and establish naturally- appearing and functioning wetlands for wildlife and fish habitat, cleaning run off, recharging groundwater, and preventing flooding. Over 650 detailed color drawings and photographs illustrate highly effective and inexpensive techniques for restoring wetlands."

Link to the Wetland Trust's web page for the Wetland Restoration and Construction Guide (note: provides description, preview and purchasing options).

April 2022 Update

Internet Archive page for Wetland Trust's web page for the Wetland Restoration and Construction Guide.

Amazon product page for Wetland Trust's Wetland Restoration and Construction — A Technical Guide.

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