This project, led by Allan Brooks Nature Centre, highlights a riparian sensitive ecosystem in North Vernon Park, which is located east of 20th Street and north of 48th Avenue (behind Rona and Walmart).

Project led by Allan Brooks Nature Centre. This wetland reclamation and Interpretive trail project took place along BX Creek in North Vernon Park. This area of BX Creek is located east of 20th Street, behind Rona and Walmart and north of 48th Avenue.

This project highlights a riparian sensitive ecosystem. Riparian ecosystems are associated with water and offer a lush oasis in an otherwise arid landscape. The Black Cottonwood – Red Osier Dogwood riparian ecosystem, which was historically a part of the BX Creek floodplain and other areas around Vernon are both sensitive and threatened.

It provides habitat for many species, some of which are at risk. Only 33 percent of the Black Cottonwood - Red Osier Ecosystem remains in the Vernon area and the Black Cottonwood ecosystems of the British Columbia Interior are all considered at risk with only fragments remaining.