A beaver sits in water, surrounded by brush and weeds

March 2020 note: this project was formerly known as "Outdoor Education Resource Kits for Okanagan Elementary Schools".

OCCP is working with the Okanagan Basin Water Board, school teachers, the Faculty of Education UBC Okanagan, the School Board and Wildrose Native Traditions to develop resources and materials to help teachers lead environmental lessons that support the new BC Curriculum.

The lesson plans will incorporate an Okanagan perspective for species at risk, ecosystems, and traditional knowledge.

OCCP co-facilitated three Professional Development days to introduce the resources to school teachers in Penticton, Vernon and Kelowna.

In addition, a guide on how to build outdoor learning spaces was developed and provides a framework and process for schools to create outdoor learning spaces on school grounds such as wetlands, grasslands, and pollinator gardens.

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