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Whether you're an individual or organization, please join us in helping to protect the local environment, and our health.

Conservation partners work together to plan for and tackle critical environmental issues throughout the Okanagan Basin—from threats to species at risk, problems with water quantity or air quality, to urban sprawl.

Broadly speaking, if you would like to join the OCCP:

  • Individuals can Volunteer
  • Organizations can become Partners and/or Sponsors

OCCP Partners

We Welcome New Partners to Join Us

OCCP Conservation Partners work together to share their resources of time, money and expertise to accomplish shared objectives of habitat protection, awareness and sustainable planning.

By supporting these collaborative efforts, your organization can be sure that your dollars are being put to effective use across multiple organizations in reaching the goals that you share for the Okanagan.

The partnership of the OCCP and SOSCP is composed of organizations with a focus on conservation in the Okanagan Basin. Representatives of partner organizations can be involved in many ways from participating in Action teams to joining the Steering Committee.

For a list of Partner organizations, see the Supporters page.

Roles and Responsibilities

Most organizations in the OCCP are signatory partners who have committed to the OCCP Statement of Co-operation and offer a minimum of 30 hours of staff time to the OCCP per year. However, not all partners are signatory members, and their role depends on the terms of partnership and nature of their organization.

Partners must designate representatives to fulfill the responsibilities of collaborating within the OCCP, including:

  1. To understand and uphold any signed agreements such as the OCCP Statement of Co-operation, contribution agreements or contracts, or other agreements.
  2. To understand and seek clarification of the OCCP Strategic Plan.
  3. To periodically update OCCP members of pertinent information at meetings, events, and media.
  4. To participate in the OCCP through Action Teams, Steering Committee, joint projects, events, meetings, and media.
  5. To identify and share resources with partners, when appropriate.
  6. To provide feedback on OCCP plans, projects, function, and services.
  7. To recommend service providers and potential new partners.

For more information please see our Contact Page and contact one of our Coordinators.

OCCP Sponsors

Sponsors will receive recognition for their contribution within associated media, events, educational materials and partner updates, along with a tax receipt.

For further details, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

OCCP Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering for the OCCP, please contact the Program Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Interested Volunteer” for more detailed information.

Our programs offer different opportunities for volunteers such as:

  • Action teamwork on various projects throughout the basin
  • Special events opportunities
  • Specific clerical duties
  • Specific web design and content management duties
  • Promote projects and outreach materials using social media
  • And much more..
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