Keeping Nature in our Future, ‘A Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Okanagan Region’ (the Strategy) is an environmental policy framework that sets priorities for identifying, preserving and restoring important natural areas. The purpose of developing a regional strategy was to create a “big-picture” landscape view of the region that provides a framework for considering conservation options for entire ecosystems and watersheds that go beyond municipal or rural boundaries and includes all land-tenures.

Supporting and expanding upon the RDCO initiative to plan for Ecosystem Connectivity (for more info, see the "BRAES Connectivity Booklet" below) in the Central Okanagan. Coordinate an Action Team to take recommendations from Connectivity Workshop and begin to work towards implementing corridors across public and private lands, in the RDCO and adjoining areas.

The outside of the Nature Trailer draws people in to discover the wonders of local biodiversity.

Assisting local teachers with the collection of curriculum units for nature-based education around water themes that follow the new curriculum guidelines. The resource kits will also feature a guide to assist teachers with construction and enhancement of outdoor learning spaces.

OCCP is working in collaboration with RDCO, RDNO, and the Districts of Coldstream and Lake Country and the Okanagan Similkameen Evasive Species Society (OSESS) to investigate the long-term potential threats of boating activity on lake water source protection for the municipal and domestic intakes on Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake.