When you make a gift to a conservation organization, land trust, or wildlife rehabilitation center you leave a lasting legacy. You are supporting the vital conservation work of an organization and keeping nature in our future.

This holiday season consider making a donation in honour of an important person or group of people in your life. There are many ways to give and support important conservation work; every gift is meaningful, and every dollar helps.

Here are some local organizations you can support;


When you give to support conservation, you are supporting projects that reflect local priorities such as:

  • Protecting clean water sources

  • Restoring fish and wildlife habitat

  • Conserving natural areas for people to enjoy

  • Strengthening sustainability by caring for ecosystems that support our communities

The Okanagan is an exceptional place known for its spectacular landscapes and wildlife. Accelerating urban and agricultural development have put a great deal of stress on our region’s natural ecosystem, which threatens ecosystem functionality and biodiversity. Ecosystems and their biodiversity sustain our communities by providing clean air and water, pollination for food production, and support the industry sectors of ranching, forestry, and tourism. Most conservation groups have limited resources available to identify and protect the lands in most need of conservation.

Supporting a conservation organization, land trust, or wildlife rehabilitation centre provides the means to secure ecologically significant lands, protect natural ecosystems, enhance livability within the region, and create a legacy that will benefit future generations. Your generous support has a big impact on the sustainability of our community!